G&G Confezioni - lavorazioni di maglieria per capi di alta qualità

Azienda g&g confezioni

Our Headquarters

The G & G company is in the field of knitwear from 1978 and specializes in all knits, especially on high quality garments in fine yarns, silk, viscose cashmere etc. and plus size, being equipped with cotton looms that make it possible to reach widths for Big and tall sizes. 21 gauge 38 fineness and 39 inches with color stripes up to five colors, 24 Gauge with three-color stripe and 30 gauge 36 inch with up to five colors stripe, electronic 12 straight fine inlay work up to 32 guides available.

We can make fast prototyping and sampling from the sketch series, having programming, linking machines (16-18-22), ironing presses, and highly skilled personnel.

The production takes place entirely within the company, and according to the needs of each client, we offer the ability to run part or the entire processing cycle: from knitting of swatches and labelling of finished garment.

The G & G company offers a dedicated service and advancement tracking extrusion output each customer connecting to the site in a dedicated area may at any time check the progress of the order.

Processing models

Elaborazione modelli

High precision frames

Telai di altissima precisione

Finished garments